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 Large, cascading rocks


Cobblestones                Slate                    Holy Stone
Lava Rocks: Red & Black     Quartzite                 Honey Quartz
Black & White Quartz        Arizona River Stone        Lodi Rock
White Dolomite             Bowl Rocks               Yuba Rock
Golden Rock               Cinder Moss Rock          Ginger Rock
Salt & Pepper Granite        Cougar Canyon            Yosemite Cobbles
Mexican Beach Pebbles       Feather Rock              Pea Gravel
Pebbles                    Pumice                   Flagstone
Moss Rock                                         ...and more
                   We welcome special orders                                          

    *Base Rock     *Concrete Mix   *Sand   *Drain Rock     *Gravel    *Gabian Stone  

        Bark: small, medium, large                 Custom Nursery Mixes
       "Gorilla Hair" shredded bark           Redwood Nitrogen Soil Amendment
       Mini Mulch Soil Amendment                      Top Soil

  We Mix Special Soils for your special nursery needs.

    Garden Tools          Brick           Stepping Stones     Tree Rings            Cement            Cinder Blocks  Drain Pipe            Mortar               Plaster

And Much More....... Flowing rock river

TEL: (650) 761-1515 FAX: (650) 761-1520 1350 El Camino Real, South San Francisco, CA 94080

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